Weck Hemoclip System

Weck Hemoclips and Appliers are carefully engineered to save money by reducing the time it takes to clamp and ligate vessels when compared with conventional suture methods and materials. Choose from a wide selection of clips and appliers to meet nearly every need, with sizes ranging from Micro, Small, Medium, Medium-Large, and Large.

Additionally, we offer both traditional curve and right angle appliers, as well as lengths ranging from 6" to 11" (sizing depends on the applier chosen; not all lengths are available for each applier).

Also available is the Weck Hemoclip Cartdridge Base. This heavy and stable cartridge base has been crafted to assist loading each clip into the applier prior to application on the vessel.

All Hemoclip products come in sterilized packaging and are ready to use out of the box.

For more information on the Weck Hemoclip Ligation Clip System, click here!

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