Surgical Instrument Supplier / Manufacturer

RICA Surgical Products, Inc. is a surgical instrument manufacturer and medical products marketer founded in Schiller Park, Illinois. Beginning in 1984, RICA Surgical Products manufactures and sells top end surgical instruments, medical equipment and supplies to doctors, veterinarians, hospitals and other professional heathcare companies. The heart of RICA Surgical Products' company is our determination to give you top quality products at a great price. RICA Surgical Products offer their customers a big selection for surgical instruments based on instrument type, quality and value. Most instruments are offered in three different grades to accomodate any budget and need for instrumentation.

RICA Surgical Products instrumentation comes with a lifetime guarantee and our tungsten carbide instruments come with a three year warranty. Our webpages represents a sampling of the various types of surgical instruments, accessories and time-saving devices RICA Surgical Products can provide. If you are looking for an instrument not listed on this website, please contact our office at 1-800-889-3218 for availability and current pricing.