Featured Products

Featured Products

Weck Visistat Skin Stapler

The Weck Visistat skin stapler provides the following benefits:

  • Patented NONSTOP Feed. Unique staple shuttling that dramatically reduces track friction...the major cause of stapler jamming. Reliability for uninterrupted performance during surgery.

  • Sharper staples for easier tissue penetration and less trauma to the tissue.

  • A see-thru window providing better visibility for proper staple placement.

  • Taller staples to allow for post-op edema and easier staple removal.

  • Smooth mechanics. The formed staples release freely, minimizing tissue trauma. There is no need to move the stapler forward or back to free the staple after implantation.

  • Staples can be pre-cocked to provide more precise and exact staple placement.

  • Ergonomic design improves surgeon comfort and control.

  • Choice of skin staple removers to meet clinic needs and budget.